Supermarket 2014

Supermarket is an international artist-run art fair for artist-run galleries and other artists’ initiatives. It takes place in Stockholm, Sweden and this time run Feb 14-16th. This year, supported by Limerick City of Culture, two artist-run spaces from Limerick took part in it – Occupy Space, representing Carla Burns, and my own home away from home, Ormston House. I was delighted to be asked by Mary Conlon, the director if the space, to show work at the fair. We went with Entitled piece. It worked very well as it got near a hundred scans, and even an (encouraging?) comment on the blog:Blogger 



Other artist represented by Ormston House included: Gimena Blanco, Paul Quast, Alan Phelan, Eilish Murrihy, Paraic Leahy, Isabella Oberlander and Celine Mahe.  


Atmosphere of excitement and solidarity filled  Kulturhuset Stadsteatern for the weekend. People I met from all over the world, from Finland to Syria and beyond were incredibly fun, friendly and excited about their and other people’s work.

One of the happiest moments was when Swedish artist, Patrik Qvist, a lovely and kind man, following a conversation after taking part in his photographic project, gave me a beautiful book of his, uncertain rooms.


The view from storage room of the fair was as much of Stockholm as I got time to see. 


Image credits – artworks by Artemeva, Eilish Murrihy, Alan Phelan and Patrik Qvirst.

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