Keväällä Karjalassa part 1

A friend of mine Hanneriina bought a piece of land in the Finnish region of Karjala, 350 miles from Helsinki. We went up to see it and plant a garden. Here’s some photos from the housewarming.

We camped outside, and the temperature, on May 14th was 2c. When I woke up in the middle of the night freezing my first though was to check that my husband is still alive and hasn’t died from hypothermia. He was ok, snoring away 🙂 Moomin mugs and nettle soup kept us warm.

We cut down some willows, took away old grass and planted some root vegetables, herbs and cabbages. Let’s hope it doesn’t get eaten by bear, mousse or the mosquitoes. Karjala

gardening in Karjala

hail stones in carelia


tent under snowcooking in Carelia

tent under snow



tent under snow

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